Fair production

We love to make it matter: Ethical and fair production.

From the start, it was crucial to Giulia when she founded Ambiletics, to create something meaningful. This also correlates with our brand motto “Make it Matter”. The Ambiletics collection is produced under the fairest conditions and has been awarded with the PETA-certification. Further, we only use sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, for our sports collection.

Intense product development first before starting the production

Until holding the finished collection in our hands, it was quite a journey. We put a lot of love into the product development and cared for small details. Thus we sewed various prototypes in Berlin and consequently adjusted the cuts again and again.

However, finally we were ready and on the lookout for a talented partner to manufacture our eco sports collection. So we got in touch with a  talented sewing company in Poland. Of course, before starting production, we visited them. We wanted to see where the collection is produced. And more importantly, we wanted to meet the seamstresses who are sewing our styles today.

The personal visit to the sewing shop prooved the high quality and talent

In fact, the visit to the sewing shop, was one of the best experiences since funding the label. We had the chance to meet the talented women who sew the collection. And vice versa, they now have a face to Ambiletics.

During our visit we were able to look over our shoulders during the production of the first prototypes. From cutting to quality control, we were able to followed the finishing process of each style. Everything runs hand in hand and is precisely structured.

Greatest care at each production step – until a sports bra becomes a sports bra

A sports bra passes through several stations until it is fully sewn together and ready to be taken out for a workout. In one department, fabric is cut into the proper dimensions and then ironed in order to neatly fold together the straps. In the next step, the straps are sewn together and the elastic with the embossed Ambiletics logo is attached with another sewing machine. Another machine is used, because this step requires a different stitching.

Finally, accurate measurements are taken at the quality control check. Here, every piece is measured by hand to check the correct fit. In addition to the ethical and fair production process we have established, we rely on sustainable materials. What was important while sourcing the fabrics, you can read in another article in our AmbiMag


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